Respect Yourself

Self Respect is about Loving Ourselves

We hosted an event in our home and we talked about self respect in a very real and raw manner. 

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Donna Reiners
Donna Reiners
Friend, Teacher, Minister

About the instructor

Donna Reiners is an author, coach, speaker, minister and confident energy builder/healer. She will challenge you to see yourself differently. She will push you through your bad moods, negative vibes and self hatred and encourage you to see yourself lovely and loved. She will take you into a journey she herself has been through and in the will be one who turns to tell others how they too should see themselves as HE sees you. Perfect. Flawless. Beautiful.

You can find her books on Amazon and you can purchase her latest book, 40 Days to the BRAVE New You through WalMart or Barnes & Noble.

Do you feel as if you are faltering, failing or fearful? Let's get your LOVE back by building up your CONFIDENCE AGAIN!

Maybe you have had a bombardment of emotional turmoil. Yet, turmoil works to tear down our immune systems and pull us into isolation and/or loneliness.

Let's take steps out of that quicksand and let's STAND up and begin the ascent to our true inheritance of confidence, joy, love and peace.

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Respect Yourself w Donna Reiners

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