Coaching Specifics

I have several opportunities for you when working with me. It is my desire for you to be stable emotionally and mentally and not give up on you. Life is too precious and you are too.

You and I will participate in a weekly 1-2 hour coaching call (or twice a month). I suggest you have time set aside with little to no distractions as we will be discussing emotions and personal information. You can work with me one on one, in a group or on your own through a self-paced online study program. We do have a coaching application for you to complete.

What will be accomplished in the below description will depend on the package you choose and the length of time we have together.

DESCRIPTION: During these LIVE Zoom Meetings, I'll help answer and guide you through questions you have which are not limited to but may include the list below:

  • Determining your overall emotional strategy and vision for your life. This can include home or professional.
  • Determining a primary emotions you experience/feel hinder you.
  • Identifying emotional memories or actual memories of trauma.
  • Including crafting your personal worldview of yourself. In other words, what do you believe about you? This is your why to be alive. Most people have no idea why they are alive and have no idea what they really want to do with their life. You get to look at how you see yourself today and determine what you want to change about how you see you. With a solid and well-thought out worldview, you will better understand you and how you want to contribute to society.
  • Identify family and generational influences (when we agree this is important and/or possible in our time together). 
  • Identifying recurring emotional cycles including cycles of life turning to death.
  • Identifying vows/lies that impact how you see you.
  • Advising you on the direction of your thought life and how to renovate your areas of concern.
  • Strategizing your intention to love yourself with maximum intention.
  • Helping your weekly or monthly process of lessons including any wins, defeats or questions.
  • Guiding you on governing your own emotions.
  • Guiding you on how to keep from being controlled by others and how to stop controlling others.
  • Advising you on situations and walking through adjustments/tweaking deemed necessary along the way.
  • Writing a mission statement for you with goals for the future.

Because of the nature of my coaching on an emotional level, I have limited space. You do have an application to complete, disclaimers to agree to and an interview process with me before we can agree and commit to this process. We meet each quarter beginning in January, April, July, October respectively.

My coaching deliverables to you include (think Assessment, Planning, and Actions):

  1. Regular Coaching Sessions - Sessions will last approximately 1 to two hours and will be recorded. The Zoom versions will be made available for a limited time inside a shared Dropbox folder or inside the Academy of change for later study or review if needed. Sessions will generally wind up with specific goals and action steps to be accomplished by our next meeting. Sessions will end in prayer (optional).
  2. Worksheets and Videos - There will be worksheets and assignments you'll complete that will aid you in discovering your emotional strengths/weaknesses. Also, you will have opportunity to determine strategies for moving forward into a brave new you. I'll provide a number of training videos along the way to help you. We work from a faith based agreement of us living from our Spirits alive in Christ.
  3. Emotional Assessment - I will take time outside our coaching sessions in prayer for you. I'll be prepared to share my thoughts and feedback in one or more of our future sessions. You'll receive these prayerful notes in a written document placed in our shared Dropbox folder. There is no guarantee on the length of prayer/notes and I'm not sure when this will be delivered to you.
  4. Proprietary Training - Including weekly teaching on specific emotions/topics as well as 40 Days to the BRAVE New You or Shut Up to Shut Down which you review (and do homework for prior to our meeting) or (a uniquely planned program just for you).

Coaching and Self-Study Video Options:

I do offer payment plans but deposits are required and non refundable.

  • One Month Intensive Small Group Coaching Meeting - 6 meeting times $500 - this is specific and many times unique.
  • Three Months Small Group Coaching Video Calls on ZOOM (3-4 calls per month) $799
  • Five Months of Semi Monthly (One on One on Zoom or another modality) with me as well as Three Months Small Group Coaching Video Calls on ZOOM/modality (3-4 calls per month with the established quarterly group). This option includes an online program as a weekly assignment. I teach each week in the small group on a specific emotion pertinent to the online program - $3,100
  • Four months of Weekly One on One calls with me. This is curtailed for your needs - case by case - we discuss and plan a strategy including length of time, commitment, deliverables for you and for me. This includes an online program (we discuss what is best for you and what you are wanting to work through) as an assignment. We meet once a week and have homework. We have emotions we cover - $4,202.
  • Nine Week ONLINE VIDEO SELF Study 40 Days to the BRAVE New You - (86 videos, 7 surveys, 66 articles) $329
  • Shut Up to Shut Down online 11 video Self Study - 8 weeks - $299
  • Various free Biblically based video series to encourage and strengthen you in grace and love.